Wardrobe Consultations and Style Advice

Wardrobe Consultations and Style Advice

Do you stand in front of your disorganized closet scratching your head and feeling totally overwhelmed as to what to wear or how to put things together?  If you are like most women, you probably go through this on a daily basis.  What to do?  How do you make the most of your wardrobe?  What do you keep and what do you part with?  What items can you add to your wardrobe to make those pants or skirt work?  We can help!

How good would it feel to have only things in your closet that you truly love, that are in style and that fit your amazing body perfectly?  The stress of getting dressed would be gone!  Everything would be organized and a list of items to “fill in” will be given to you so you can either buy those essentials right away or keep the list to buy later —  (figure shapers, perfect fitting bras which make a HUGE difference, assorted tank tops for layering and more — we can’t give away all of our secrets now!)

We have highly trained gals from our style team who can do an in-home wardrobe consultation, showing you what to keep, what you can work with, what to alter or get rid of.  They have tons of styling tips and tricks, helping you look your best and boost your confidence.   It’s not about trying to “sell you” on anything.  You will be given suggestions of  the things you can add, but it’s up to you as to whether you want to purchase those things.

The fee for an in-home consultation is $175 for the first hour and $75 for each hour after that.  It’s truly worth the investment to get your wardrobe in order, and with summer around the corner you may want to schedule one so you start the new season looking fabulous!

Give us a call and schedule your closet consultation.  It’s an investment you definitely won’t regret!

xo Your Helen Ainson Style Team

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