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How to know whether you should wear an Evening gown or a Cocktail Dress for your special occasion?

Cocktail Attire

Women should wear knee-length skirts or dress pants with a nice sweater or blouse.The little black cocktail dress would work to. A gown is not required to be worn but it is still a festive event.

Women should dress to impress for garden attire or beach formal.  If it’s “beach formal,” sandals and other open-toe style shoes are acceptable. For “garden attire women should wear wedge heels or flats so they don’t sink in the dirt or grass.

Festive attire is exactly what it sounds like. Usually the dress code for holiday parties and other themed  parties

Business Formal for Going to business lunches or conferences. Women should be in a tailored dress or pantsuit. Think a more dressy form of business appropriate clothing.

Women going to a Semi Formal can go with a little black cocktail dress or a long dressy skirt with a nice top. Basically, the main difference between “black tie optional” and “semi-formal” dress code is that this one isn’t sorta-kinda asking you to wear a tuxedo or evening gown.

Black tie optional is interchangeable with “formal attire but is still slightly less formal than “black tie.” For women, a dress or pantsuit in a dark color. Even a cocktail-length dress can be perfectly fine as long as isn’t too colorful or flashy.

Black tie

Black tie considered to be the second highest level of formal attire. Women should wear a long evening gown or cocktail dress.

White tie, women should wear long, formal evening gowns, It can also be called “ultra-formal” because this is considered the highest level of dress code.  If you get an invitation that says “white tie attire only,” you know this is a very formal occasion.

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