What to Expect from a Bridal Shop like Helen Ainson

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What to Expect from a Bridal Shop like Helen Ainson

Everyone loves a good wedding but getting dressed for one is a different story. Wedding season means engagement parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and of course, the wedding itself. That is a lot of occasions to worry about what to wear. Helen Ainson is the perfect bridal shop to look for dresses for a casual, semi-formal, or black-tie event.

Before you come into the bridal shop, there are a few questions to consider that will help us find you the perfect dress. These questions include:

What is the occasion?

From rehearsal dinner to the wedding, we will help you find the perfect dress for each event. Dressing for a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner will be different from dressing for the wedding. We can help you find a dress for each occasion so that you are not left feeling over or underdressed.

When is the event?

Dressing for the right season is also important. In the winter you probably wouldn’t want to wear a short strapless dress. Alternatively, in the summer, long sleeves may not be a great idea. Additionally, we like to know if you will be indoors or outdoors, so you can feel comfortable in what you are wearing.

Where is the event?

Understanding the venue can give us an idea about how formal or informal you may want to dress. For example, a wedding on the beach may not require a formal evening gown, whereas a country club would.

Is there a dress code?

The venue may not have a dress code, but the bride and groom will. Sometimes, the bride and groom might want the guests to wear a specific color or style. Be sure to ask what the dress code is to avoid any wedding attire mishaps.

What are you most comfortable wearing?

This is the most important question because even though it is not your special day, you still have to be comfortable with what you are wearing. Whether you prefer straps or no straps, mermaid style, or flowy, we can find you a dress that makes you feel beautiful and confident while meeting all the requirements for the occasion.

Helen Ainson is the one-stop bridal shop for all your special occasion attire. After finding you the perfect dress, our professional seamstress can tailor your dress for the perfect fit. Then, we will help you complete your look with shoes, jewelry, and undergarments.

If you are looking for a bridal shop with a relaxing atmosphere and a team of experts to help you find attire from head to toe, visit Helen Anson online or stop at 1078 Boston Post Road, CT. You can also set up a personal appointment by calling (203) 665-9842. From wedding dresses to evening gowns, we can help anyone prepare for their big day!

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