The Must Have Jean: Second Yoga

The Must Have Jean: Second Yoga

Jeans have been a staple in closets dating back to 1873.  Funny enough, they were invented because of quality issues with the pants that the miners were wearing at the time.  The miners needed pants that were rough and tough, and the pants made from duck cloth were just not cutting it.  Jacob Davis, the tailor who was making the pants, ended up partnering with Levi Strauss to come up with pants made of the fabric we know as Jeans.  Jeans were named after the city of Genoa Italy, where cotton corduroy, called either Jean or Jeane, were made.  Rivets were added to toughen up the pockets, and voila!  We had our first pair of jeans worn by miners of the Gold Rush in the West!  But boy have we come a long way………

We now have every kind of jeans you can think of.  Just search online and you’ll find a vast selection of cropped, flare, skinny, boyfriend, and the list goes on!  But our question always came back to, “are they comfortable?   Thus our search for the must have jean began!  They had to be as comfortable as a pair of yoga pants but with style, and fit like no other.  The jeans we fell in love with are Second Yoga Jeans!


Eric Wazana, Co-Founder of Second Yoga jeans was a teenager when his quest for the perfect fitting (and looking) jean began.  Every year before school started his mother would buy him a  pair of jeans but he found them too stiff and uncomfortable.  He also didn’t like the look of the jeans so with each new pair of jeans he would literally beat them against the sidewalk and rough them up with sandpaper and Coca Cola bottle caps!  Then, and only then, did he find them comfortable and vintage looking enough to wear all year at school.  It wasn’t long before his passion spread to Jacob, his younger brother.  The two brothers decided together to create the world’s most comfortable jean, and Second Yoga was born.

If you haven’t yet tried a pair of these beauties on, you are missing out on a jean with amazing four way stretch that will never bag out on you!  They are absolutely perfect with one of our many tops and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.  Go for one of our less dressy tops, jeans, and a comfy shoe to run around town, or pair a sexy skinny jean with an off the shoulder top for date night. One of the biggest trends for Spring/Summer are pastels.  Open Vogue, InStyle, or any other fashion magazine and you’ll see this feminine, must have trend!  These jeans come in a variety of beautiful pastels, like  Almond Cream, Coral Blush, Berry, and Light Grey.

P.S. Remember, shopping online gives you door-to-door service with no shipping costs!  Elevate your look this season with a pair or two, or three….   Happy Shopping!  xoxo  The Gals at Helen Ainson

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