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Feather Lite Nu Bra


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Nu Bra

NuBra is the original backless strapless adhesive bra made in the USA.  It delivers all-day support, comfort and freedom. It eliminates all the stuff that make bras uncomfortable.

Many women think of  backless strapless adhesive bra as just for formal occasions, but they’re great for all-day use. NuBra can replace your regular bra. It’s perfect for all-day wear With strapless, backless, sheer dresses and tops. The patented clip gives you total cleavage control, delivering coverage and support without the binding straps found on traditional bras.

It’s really easy. To get the best out of your NuBra, just follow the steps below. To ensure that your NuBra’s adhesive stays effective, avoid the following: moisturizers, powders, perfumes, or other skin-care products.


• Gently clean your chest with mild soap and water to remove body oil or residue from your skin.

• Dry your skin with a soft towel.

• We recommend using Nu Skin Wipes to prepare your skin with a protective film before applying your NuBra.


• In front of a mirror, take one bra cup carefully by the edges and set it to the desired position on your breast. It’s best to place the cup on the outside of your breast with the clasp pointing to your belly button.

• Smooth the edges onto your breast, leaving 2 to 3 finger widths from the bottom.

• Repeat the application with the other bra cup.


• Slide the end of the right-side clasp into the left-side and snap into the locked position.

• With both hands on the bra cups, press firmly for a few seconds for a secure hold. Enjoy!

• Click here for a visual demonstration.


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