Tips for Choosing a Mother of the Bride (or Groom) Gown

Tips for Choosing a Mother of the Bride (or Groom) Gown

One of our favorite season’s is upon us.  No, it’s not Spring we are talking about, although we are very much looking forward to “springing ahead” with the clocks, and seeing those first daffodils showing their sunny faces, we are speaking of wedding season! It’s a season of such joy as Mother’s of the brides and grooms flock into our shop with so many emotions.  They arrive excited and full of anticipation for their child’s big day, nervous and anxious to be sure they pick the right gown, and also full of lots of questions for us!

A few things that we often get asked is about the availability of different colors, adding a sleeve, etc..  The answer is yes, yes, yes!  We have gowns in so many beautiful colors and many of the gowns are available in different color ways, so if you see the style you like but the color is not for you then we can show you color charts of every shade of the rainbow!  Many Mother’s come in and are self conscious about their arms and want a lot or a little coverage.  Depending on the gown, we can  do that!  We have the most amazing seamstresses who can transform your gown totally customized for you and your likes and preferences.  We also get asked about maybe adding a stole to the gown, and yes, we can make one to match perfectly for the gown you choose.  With so many fabrics, colors, styles, and customization, the possibilities are endless!

A Few Tips About Choosing Your Gown:

  • Always know what the bride wants for her day.  If she wants you to wear a certain color or style, then keep that in mind when shopping for your gown.
  • If she has left the color choice to you then try to have an idea of what colors you look best in.  What colors make you feel great when you wear them?  Also, think about what colors people compliment you on when you wear them.  Do cool colors suit you?  Perhaps you look best in warmer tones like sienna, chocolate, or coral?  Go with what looks best with your hair color, skin tone and eye color.
  • Pleating and ruching are great figure flattering details that can disguise a tummy or other lumps and bumps. Ruching can also add curves to a figure that is void of any!
  • Remember that it’s the bride’s day to shine so don’t go too over the top with the gown you choose (unless she has given you the go-ahead of course!).  Looking ultra flashy and too glammed up will upstage the bride.
  • Tailor it!  Make sure your gown has been tailored to your body.  A perfectly tailored gown will make your figure look its best.

We are thrilled to be having a multi-line trunk show featuring designs from Daymour, Ideas by Barbara, Junnie Leigh, Saborama, Sara Mique, Scaravelli and Soulmates from March 22nd till March 24th so if you are looking to find a gown, this would be a great time to come in and visit!  Can’t make it in then?  No worries, we always have an amazing selection of the most gorgeous gowns, and not to brag (but we will!), we have also been voted Best Special Occasion Wear 10+ years in a row!  You can also shop online (click here) and we will ship the gown directly to you! Here is a small sample of our stunning gowns!

Stunning off the shoulder gown with nude colored lining. Click here for more….
Jovani Vibrant Halter Gown, click here.
Daymour Off the Shoulder Gown. Shown here in a gorgeous shade of blue! Other colors available (click here).

Other Tips for Mother’s of the Bride/Groom

  1. Choose comfortable shoes.  Nothing is worse than walking or dancing in pain!
  2. Choose the right undergarments.  This is essential to flattering your shape and having your gown look perfect.  Choosing the right bra that lifts or shapers that disguise tummy bulge will make you feel more confident, not to mention that shapers can literally make you look 5 pounds thinner!  That is why we love our SPANXS!
  3. Choose a fun evening bag to compliment your dress.  Your shoes and bag do not have to match exactly.  Matching dates your look.
  4. Pantyhose went out years ago!  Keep legs bare and beautiful by exfoliating and using a self tanner.
  5. Avoid “matchy-matchy” accessories and don’t overdo!  If you choose a big bold earring, forget the necklace.  If you want to wear a statement necklace than choose a smaller, more petite earring.
  6. Always bring with you the shoes and bra you will be wearing to your dress fitting.  Either one can change the way your gown looks.

Happy Shopping! xoxo

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