Secrets For Accessorizing All Your Summer Outfits

Secrets For Accessorizing All Your Summer Outfits

It’s easy to just throw on an outfit and head out the door, but to truly look amazing, accessories are a must!  Coco Chanel knew this.  Of course over accessorizing is something you also do not want to do, so what are the secrets to accessorizing?

A Few General Accessorizing Secrets

First, think about what the event is.  If you are heading out to go to yoga class you obviously do not need a pile of accessories on you!  However, even in this case, a small pair of real (or faux diamond) or pearl studs just give a bit of glam to your workout look!   Perhaps you have a corporate job where you need to command respect and look business like.  In this case you can go with some small gold or silver hoops, a smaller dangle earring,  or a stud earring, but you can also add a pretty necklace if the outfit warrants.  Stay clear of noisy bangle bracelets which will only serve to irritate your co-workers (unless of course this is your goal!).  For girls night out or date night, we head into a totally different territory!  Here is where you can just be you!  If you love big statement necklaces, large chandelier earrings, a fun handbag, or a big sparkly cuff bracelet then go for it!  Just keep in mind that it’s either the big statement necklace or the big earring, never both!  Date night also calls for sexy shoes and heavier makeup to complete the look.  Here are secrets for accessorizing all your summer outfits!

Summer Accessorizing Tips

Let’s talk about summer dressing.  Everyone loves throwing a great party as well as attending one.  There’s nothing like putting on an all white outfit to show off that tan and adding some fun accessories.  With the heat of summer it is important to think whether you will be at an indoor party with air conditioning or if it is an outside party.  Even with an outdoor party, consideration must be given to whether it’s a middle of the day where it’s blazing hot or if it is an affair in the evening where the temps fall and cooler air settles in.  Nobody wants to pile on tons of heavy jewelry for a mid-day party in 90 degree heat!  So with all that in mind, here are some things to think about:

  • Outdoor middle of the day summer accessorizing should be kept to fabulous sunglasses, a great fun handbag, a wide brimmed hat to keep the sun off hair and face, big fabulous earrings (if you are into that) or smaller earrings.  All of these don’t add “weight” in the heat.  All are easily put down (like the handbag) or taken off (sunglasses and hat), and the earrings are not laying on you.
  • Evening summer party accessorizing needs to be determined by the type of affair as well as the temperature.  Hopefully the evening is cooler so you can add a beautiful necklace, bracelets, & a pashmina wrap for the chill.  Remember, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed!  How awful would it feel to walk in with jeans and a tee shirt while your BFF’s are in our creamy white Second Yoga Jeans, an off the shoulder top, one of our handmade Charlotte Meyer necklaces, or a one-of-a-kind handmade Lauren Hampton Belt!  You want to stand out in a good way.  You always want to strive to look like you took the time and effort to look your very best!
  • Accessorizing for summer occasions such as weddings, graduations, etc. need also take into account the when and where.  Obviously if it’s a beach wedding the vibe will be more casual so over the top crystals may not be appropriate (this depends on what the bride has requested so always check on that!).  If however, the wedding is indoors at the Ritz Carlton in the evening then a more glamorous look is what you need to go for.  A V neck dress or gown with hair down looks great with a necklace that is longer and hangs down so the V is accentuated.  If you have a beautiful updo then go for a big, bold statement earring and not the necklace.  The shape of the neckline always needs to be taken into consideration.  Halter gowns and dresses always look best with a great earring and bracelets, and never a necklace!  We are known for our beautiful Mother of the Bride/Groom Gowns, as well as our cocktail attire.  We will always guide you on accessorizing appropriately by taking into consideration your comfort level, the type of event, and the neckline of the dress or gown.

Accessorizing does not have to be hard.  If you find that you lack the confidence to do it yourself then feel good in knowing you have our amazing team of Fashion Consultants/Stylists herewho can accessorize any look for you!  You can bring in an outfit or buy one in our shoppe and you will leave with a look that not only you are personally comfortable with, but also one that may push your comfort level a bit so you can shine like the beauty you are!  If you cannot come in then we can come to you.  We charge a small fee to do wardrobe consulting in home and can help you to look like a stylist from Hollywood outfitted you from head-to-toe!

Here are some of our favorite accessories you can add this summer!  And remember, you can shop for all of our gorgeous clothing and accessories online (including gowns!) by clicking here!

Peace and Love, your Style Team at Helen Ainson! xoxo

Available in an assortment of gorgeous colors, this Mother of Pearl Coin Pearl Necklace will totally turn a few heads! Priced at $110 leaves you room to order multiple colors!  This one in the creamy white is gorgeous with a tan for Summer! Trust us, you’ll wear this over and over because a pair of our Second Yoga Jeans, one of our fabulous summer tops and this necklace will be your go-to all season! Click here to buy.
This little Faux Diamond Choker looks like the real thing and we love it for Summer because it is so lightweight you don’t even feel it on you! Wear one for lunch with the girls or stack a few to pack an extra fashion punch for date night, or even a beach wedding! At $38 you will want to order more than one! Available in silver metal with the faux diamonds or in gold metal. Click here to buy!
Made by hand by a local artist, this Lauren Hampton Belt is just one of her gorgeous creations we sell to accent any Summer (or year round) outfit! Comes with a black braided leather strap that easily snaps off so that other straps can be attached to go with different outfits. One of her white thinner leather straps fits perfectly into your jean belt loops for Summer. The silver with the faux Abalone shell center accent gives off vibes to the sea and sky. Priced at $235 it is a showstopper!
Pink! Besides Lavender, pink is one of the “it” colors of the season! This bright fuchsia clutch is large enough to hold all of your essentials and packs a big punch style wise! Available in 7 colors (including the must have for any lady of fashion, black), it is priced at $58 so you can splurge a little and get a couple! May we suggest a color and a black one, as black goes with everything, and a colored one will up the style factor all Summer! Click here to buy.
If there is just one accessory to buy, it is a pair of these Faux Diamond Hoops. These are available in silver or gold and add polish to virtually any Summer outfit! Priced at $42 they look real and you can even pick up a pair for Mom!      HAPPY ACCESSORIZING!  XOXO                                                                                 
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