Creations Georgianni Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Creations Georgianni Swarovski Crystal Necklace


Creations Georgianni Crystal Necklace, is conceptualized and designed by Georgia, using primarily Swarovski Elements, and the finest metals, casting of soft metals, and such others include, as brass and copper, as well as rolled gold earring posts.

The jewelry  is available in gold plated, rhodium and black nickel, equally as antique finishes.

This factor has awarded Creations Georgianni, the right to include the text Swarovski Elements, on all our marketing material, including the very important element, Made in Quebec, Canada. These two key points alone, increases the value and respect for our product worldwide, as it has been established that Canada produces products of only the highest standards.

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Creations Georgianni

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