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Handmade One of a Kind Lauren Hampton Belts

Handmade One of a Kind Lauren Hampton Belts. We are proud to feature Lauren Hampton’s beautiful handmade belt buckles with snap on/off straps. Each one of her creations are made in the United States in her Norwalk, Connecticut studio. All of her buckles can be interchanged on different belt straps which makes them so versatile. When placing your order, please specify size of strap. All braided straps come in sizes S/M or M/L. Suede and leather straps are 1.5″ wide and are available in sizes 32 (Small), 34 (medium), 36 (large), 38 (extra large). Extra small straps are available on special order (size 30).

Have a special earring or broach at home? Bring it in and have Lauren turn it into a beautiful belt!

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