Our Favorite Nail & Lip Colors This Season

Our Favorite Nail & Lip Colors This Season

Our Favorite Nail&Lip Colors this Season

What Fashionista doesn’t look forward to each season’s list of hottest fashion trends?  We love that first look at Fashion Week, the moment the newest Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar hits the newsstands, and of course all the beauty trends to go with the new looks of the season!

This summer is filled with a ton of great fashion and beauty trends, and you’ve still got plenty of time to get in on them!  The emphasis on color, both pastel and brights is one we can definitely get behind.  After the long, dreary months of winter here in New England, it is refreshing and welcoming to wear lots of color.  This season’s hottest colors are yellow (one of our personal faves!), and that includes not just yellow clothing and accessories but also nail polish (thank you, Khloe Kardashian!).  Other colors are pink, in every shade, and red.  Head to toe white is a very big trend spilling over from the popularity of this sleek and very expensive looking trend from last summer!  Personally, we don’t think the all white trend is going anywhere soon, as it is as timeless as a little black dress.  Denim is also a front runner, as we’ve seen it in jumpsuits, tops, and the resurgence of the denim jacket.

All of these above mentioned trends have also affected beauty trends.  The classic red lip is back (did it ever leave?) and looks best with that lip as the focus, keeping eye makeup more minimal.  Pink lips and nails are as hot this year, as the coral and orange lip/nail combos were years back.  Both pink and reds go warmer or cooler and so picking a shade that is right for you really depends on your individual skin color.  Stay with a red or pink with a warmer undertone if you have warmer skin, or a cooler shade for skin that is cooler.  Metallic nail colors are a great option to wear with all of summer’s great clothes.  White nail colors are as popular as ever, and let’s face it, white is the one nail color that you’ve got to wear in summer!

So, before this beautiful warm weather bids us farewell, say yes to some of our favorites below!  Believe us, you’ll be wishing you did when February rolls around!

xoxo Your Fashion Team at Helen Ainson!  Happy Shopping!

Handkerchief Hem Lace Dress
White Ruffle Top by Alberto Makali
Off The Shoulder Denim Top by Joseph Ribkoff
White Embroidered Blouse


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