How To Break Out Of Your Style Rut

How To Break Out Of Your Style Rut

With the Fall weather finally here, it seemed appropriate to start this new season by helping those of you who may be in a major style rut!  What is a style rut?  Well, it’s wearing the same things, and buying the same things just because you are comfortable in them (and no, we are not talking about physical comfort here.  We are talking about mentally breaking free of the same old!).  How can you tell if you’re in a style rut?  Read on my friend…… Going shopping for new Fall clothing and coming back with the same stuff you always come back with is sign #1 that you need some fashion help.  Sign #2 is you never, ever even thinking about accessories — wearing them, and how to wear them.  Sign #3, and this one may hurt a bit, but be honest.  When is the last time someone asked you “where did you get that”? or someone told you how amazing you looked?  Sign #4, is when you are totally unaware of fashion trends and styles.  That is not to say you need to study Vogue Magazine from cover to cover every month (although we do!), but picking up a magazine here and there, or even going onto Pinterest can help you be in the “fashion know”!  —  Okay, so you know the signs, and realize you may very well be in your own little style rut, but now what?  We are going to give you some tips for how to break out of your style rut!

We have all seen her.  She’s the one that walks into a room and has “it”.  She is confident and well dressed, and sometimes even magnetic.  Her outfit looks effortlessly put together and accessorized perfectly, and you keep thinking “how does she do it”?  First of all that woman could be you!  Second, she does one thing you may not be doing.  She takes risks!  Here are some things you can try


SWITCH UP THAT PLAIN LONG SLEEVE T SHIRT FOR SOMETHING WITH A BIT OF OOMPH!  We suggest this fabulous top with rushed sleeve detail that you don’t get with a plain white T!

LEARN TO BREAK THE “RULES”.  If there is one thing you need to learn, it’s that sometimes rules were meant to be broken in fashion.  One rule to break for certain is the “no white except after Memorial Day and never after Labor Day”  White looks great all year! Pair white jeans with a black turtleneck and boots for instant Fall chic. Some rule breaking ideas you may also want to try is mixing pastels with brights (i.e. a bright pink top with a very pale pink skirt), or red with pink (super chic as seen on all the runways!).  Try a pink top with red wide legged pants and tie it together with a long scarf with those colors in it worn as a sash/belt.  Break some accessory rules too!  Forget one strand of pearls!  Pile pearls and gold chains (or silver) on with a simple black ensemble for instant “wow”.

OPPOSITES DO ATTRACT.  Another way to stand out is to use the “opposites” rule.  Try wearing leather with lace.  A beautiful lace blouse looks fabulous with a pair of faux leather jeans or leggings.  Try casual with formal: How about a plain white T shirt with a sparkly earring, jeans and heels?  Try big over little:  how about an oversized sweater with skinny jeans and a fringe handbag?

Faux Diamond Earrings. The perfect pairing for opposites like a T shirt, jeans and heels! (BUY HERE)

NEVER, EVER THROW OUT ANYTHING LEOPARD PRINTED.  Season after season, year after year, leopard prints have remained a fashion staple.  Pair it with black for a polished look.  Pair it with red for a bold statement.  In fact, pair it with just about anything, including jeans!  If you don’t own at least one leopard printed item in your wardrobe,  well you should!  It’s one way to ease out of that style rut!

Basic legging and most popular style. When style and comfort are necessary this legging is your pick.

BE BRAVE.  It’s fashion!  Have fun and be brave!  Try on things you would normally never, ever try on.  You never know, you may actually love it!  Oh, and P.S. have a “signature” fragrance that everyone knows you by.  It will be yours and yours alone, adding to your new fabulous style!

xoxo  Your Style Team at Helen Ainson



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