How And What To Pack For Your Warm Weather Getaway

How And What To Pack For Your Warm Weather Getaway

It is the dead of Winter here in Connecticut.  In fact, as this is being written it is alternating between snow and sleet!  The groundhog may have said Spring is coming early this year, but not soon enough for us!  We have so many clients who have been coming into our boutique lately searching for some warm weather pieces they can take on their upcoming vacation.   So many, that we thought this post was especially fitting!  We get lots of questions about what to pack, what to pair with what, how they can pair down what they bring, and what to bring to accessorize.

Packing for a trip can seem a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be!  We recommend that you always start with a packing list.  A list just makes it easier to make sure there is nothing you have forgotten.  Simply check off the items as they are packed.  How to make that list is super easy!  Go through your morning and evening routines in your head and write down the items you use.  For instance, in the morning you may wash your face with your favorite cleanser, brush your teeth, and take your vitamins and any medications.  Just write those on the list.  Keep going and do the same for your evening routine.  Once you have down all the items you use each day then go through each day you will be away and think about what activities you will be doing.  For instance, one day might be breakfast, beach and then dinner.  What will you wear to breakfast, to the beach and dinner?  Do this for each day.  Once you have all of your list written down then start pulling the clothing items you wrote down.  Put together entire outfits including shoes, accessories and jewelry.  If you put together entire outfits you won’t be caught without items you may need!

Now that all of your items are out, it’s time to pack.  Here are a few tips for packing:

  • Roll Clothing:  It is a proven fact that rolling your clothing into tight little packages saves space in the suitcase.  For all of your items that may get wrinkled, roll them in tissue paper.
  • Pack Plastic Bags:  Ziplocks are great for dirty or wet clothes while away so be sure to pack a few!
  • Use Dryer Sheets:  Those fragrant dryer sheets aren’t just good for your dryer at home!  Place a few sheets here and there between clothing as you pack to keep clothes smelling lovely!


  • Pack a Fashion Emergency Kit:  We have a must, not just for travel, but to have on hand always in your handbag.  It’s our Fashion Emergency Kit which houses a multitude of on the go fashion fixes!  Inside you will find essentials such as a mini sewing kit, nail file, stain remover, tissues and lots more!  Click here to buy.


  • Pack the Essential Black Dress:  No woman should leave home without it!  A simple black dress can take you from daytime business to evening pleasure.  Take along fabulous accessories and voila!  Instant change!  This beauty (below) by Karen Kane is simple and elegant and can be dressed up or down.  Throw on a jean jacket for a casual look or pack some “wow” accessories to kill it for evening!


  • Pack a Wrap:  A wrap is also another must have as it not only functions as a wrap around those chilly shoulders in the evening but also to keep away the chill on the plane.  Our cashmere wrap is so soft and comes in so many gorgeous colors.  You can even roll it up and use it as a soft, comfy pillow on your flight!  Click here to buy.


  • Pack Assorted Tops:  Pack an assortment of cute tops to pair with shorts, pants or skirts.  We have so many great tops on our website and in our store.  Below is one of our faves to pack, as it is reversible so you get 2 tops and you’re only packing one!

Finally, don’t forget to pack your essential needs in your carry-on, and to find out your airline’s baggage policy ahead of time.  Bon Voyage!!

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