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Second Yoga Jeans

09/13/2018 @ - 09/22/2018 @

13 Sep -

Helen Ainson

Second Yoga Jeans

Second Yoga Jeans make all women feel beautiful.  The denim styles are 100% handcrafted at the Yoga Jeans. Manufacturing in Canada allows us at Yoga Jeans® more creativity and better quality control, but most importantly, it just feels right.

Quality products in various washes, styles, fits, sizes and fun colors every season. Our goal is to make sure that every single woman that comes across Second Yoga Jeans finds a pair of jeans that truly suits her body type. We want her to feel absolutely amazing. Just like a woman’s body, there are no straight lines in our patterns. This is why Second Yoga Jeans® embraces your body and acts as a second skin. Allows maximum comfort & fluidity! You may bend, twist and wear your Yoga Jeans® denim all day long.



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