Considering Comfort and Style for your Special Occasion Evening Shoes

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Considering Comfort and Style for your Special Occasion Evening Shoes

​​A special occasion calls for a special wardrobe ensemble. If you are planning or attending an event, one of the most exciting (and stressful) parts is putting together the perfect outfit. Being strategic in your choice of jewelry, dress, and evening shoes can set your outfit apart from everyone else. A little bit of thought (and a tip or two from us!) and you can walk into your next wedding or evening party feeling beautiful, comfortable, and confident in your appearance.

The first thing most women choose for their outfits is their dress. Does the evening call for a floor-length piece? A cocktail dress? The accessories and shoes are then chosen based on the garments. Jewelry should always be chosen to compliment the dress, but between the two the shoes are the statement piece. A general rule to follow is this: when it comes to shopping for evening shoes, only the shoes or the dress should be overly embellished (unless you’re planning on walking on a red carpet!). If you’re planning on wearing a dress that is covered in sequins, fringe, or a theatrical, eye-grabbing pattern, then a pair of dynamic shoes may be over-the-top. However, a pair of attention-grabbing, shimmery pumps may be the perfect match for your plain-colored, basic evening dress. Every rule has exceptions, but more often than not a pair of shoes that complement and juxtapose your dress is a better choice than a pair of shoes that competes with your dress.

There’s an extensive variety of evening shoes to choose from – sandals, ankle straps, stilettos, pumps, boots, flats. Do you ever feel like there are too many options to choose from? If you are trying to find the right fit for you, there are some things you should consider aside from what ‘looks’ the best to help narrow your decision.

Firstly, what’s the temperature outside? If you’re going to be walking outside and there’s snow on the ground, you may want to put aside your open-toe options. If the weather is making you feel like you’re roasting under the sun, then put your boots and booties at the back of the closet where they belong! Your level of comfort should be prioritized. Remember: you can always find an option for evening shoes that accommodate the specific environment you will be in. You do not have to settle for the black suede booties that look great with your dress in the middle of July. Unless you want to! Everyone’s comfort level is different, but it’s important to take yours into consideration.

Secondly, what type of event are you attending? Will it require a lot of standing or moving? Will you be sitting for the duration of the event? If you’re attending a wedding that involves a lot of dancing and walking around, then your stunning, five-inch stilettos may be a risky choice. Are your toes scrunched up at the front? A pair of elegant flats or your two-inch wedges may allow you to be more active and mobile, and comfortable in the process. If your shoes aren’t comfortable when you try them on, they will not be comfortable after several hours on the dance floor. If they are a new pair that your heart is set on wearing, make sure you pick them up a week or two before your event so that you have time to break them in. Enduring the feeling of blisters forming can make the difference between staying out late into the night and closing down early.

Considering these two comfortability factors will help you narrow the scope of your shoe search considerably. Another thing to consider is your specific foot shape. The size and shape of our feet can’t be changed but it can be accommodated. Many women have wider feet than others, which can make finding evening shoes with heels a difficult search. Many high heels aren’t designed for wide feet and squeezing into a narrow shoe can create calluses and blisters. If you fall into this category, consider a pair with a wide or rounded shape around the toe. If your feet are narrow, then standard shoes may allow your feet too much room which can cause irritation on the back or sides of your feet. Your go-to is any footwear that has adjustable straps so that you can secure your feet in your shoes.

Your dress is what catches their attention – your shoes are what holds it. At Helen Ainson, you’re guaranteed to find a quality pair that will complete your outfit while keeping your feet comfortable at your evening event. Regardless of the occasion, we have a great selection and team that’ll help you find the perfect pair. Don’t wait till the last minute! For more information, visit us online or call (203)655-9842 to schedule a personal appointment with us.

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